I wish that this wasn’t appropriate this week. It was just in the queue for today. But that’s how my art works. It knows more about the World than I do. I just channel it.

We light a candle against the darkness. We refuse to let the Silence cut short our Chant. We sing with our last breath. We sing. And we burn.

* * *

In other news, I am tearing the day up, productivity wise. Waiting on the fucking weather. *vibrate* But. Soon. SOON.

Fire Priestess II

Fire Priestess II

Some of these images may get some after effects work done on them later, but since I did not set out to do post work with this series, I’m trying to not get distracted and just get the work done.

Oh, and I really love this one.

* * *

I am feeling really good this morning if really tired. Calm is a fucking super power.

Tonys last night… Gods. To be alive when Lin Manuel Miranda is and to realize he’s the bastard love child of Shakespeare and Sam Seaborne. To know that he busted that sonnet out before the fucking show after the tragedy in Orlando…

Fuck it. I am not a writer.

And we got not one, but three times the cast of Hamilton singing and I cannot even.

Hell, I’ll start tearing up again.

And the season? My gods! So many plays and musicals that were just earth-shatteringly good. Spring Awakening as a deaf and hearing portrayed musical? Marlee Matlin and Kenny coming out to present it? I know it’s not his name, but he’s been with her since forever and I can’t imagine anyone else being her voice.

And the woman who played Ceeli in the Color Purple? Are you shitting me? A voice made to tear the roof off of Heaven. Yes. I am beautiful and I am here.

The Gods of Theatre smiled last night. They smiled so wide.

Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now. You said it, Lin. Thank you. It’s not all tragic and horrors. In this darkest hour, there are still those of us lifting our voices in song and singing brighter than the stars in the sky.

I will tell your story. It’s not the first time I’ve been exhorted to do so. It’s in Everville where Grillo leaves one last request for Tesla after she’s been resurrected and possessed by the Art:

Yes, Tesla thought. I will tell your story. I will tell it with every beat of my heart, every blink of my eye, every breath that I take.

I’m paraphrasing. But it’s lived with me forever. And now Lin exhorts us all again.

Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story?

I will. I will, I will, I will.



And all is dust in the end…

Scotty had the coolest skulls laying around. He makes them, along with all the other cool toys that were laying around. Hugely inspirational guy to know.

* * *

Had a bunch of birthdays go by this past twelve days, all wonderful people that I adore, so that was lovely to celebrate, even if I am miles away from them.

I’ve been reading TS Elliot as well, specifically the Wasteland, and I find my heart hurts at the sheer rawness of his writing. I don’t know how he got away with this stuff in his time. I’m glad he did though.

Oh, and in random research news, turns out First History Man is a fictional book in the Mad Max universe. It’s based on the History Men based at the Citadel. Civilization does rebuild after all, and it starts at the Citadel and because of Furiosa. Magician indeed. So, I’ve got a ton to think on, and it’s super engaging and exciting. I had forgotten what it felt like.

Oh, and I voted on Super Tuesday and that went well. Not happy about Hills getting the nod, but whatever. I’ll vote for her. I’m not voting for the idiot.

In Apocalyptica news, I continue to put final touches on costuming and watching the damn weather like a hawk. It’s all June gloom, though I am assured that a high pressure system is coming in next week. Everyone cross your fingers that that is the case and I can get the Fool in the can. Once that’s done, I’ll start putting together the campaign for the next card, The High Priestess, and moving forward on the Magician shoot, which is coming together nicely.

Oh, and I got the challenge coins sorted last night. Woo! Productivity!

Update: Tarot Apocalyptica – The Magician

Greetings, War Party!

As of this writing, we are t-minus 11 hours and counting till the end of the campaign for the Magician! WOO! Aah! It is too exciting.

Right now (as you can see in the handy dandy graphic linkie beast) I have raised $230 of my $500 goal. That’s a whopping 46%!! I say again, WOOO.

I just returned from Joann Fabrics with the second round of materials for the Magician. DUDE. I found the perfect faux red leather for the boot covers and straps. IT IS EPIC LOOKING. The challenge coins are arriving from the mint to the warehouse on Monday. Things are cooking along. BUT, but I’m not quite there yet. If I don’t raise the other 54% in the next 11 hours, the Apocalyptica will be delayed for weeks, if not months. I don’t think that’s something any of us want. I know I really really don’t want. Do Not Want, as the kids say today.

You still have time to make a pledge if you want to get involved. Even a share today on any and all social media makes a huge difference to how well this campaign ends. For reals.

In the meantime, you are all the best war party evar. EVAR. I mean that. Without you, I wouldn’t have even started the engines. THUNDER UP. Let’s get the buzzards off this rig!

Fire Priestess

Fire Priestess

And we return to the Beltane shoot. Yum.

* * *

Did 2.45 miles on the treadmill this morning and lifted weights. I’m feeling it this evening as I move around, but after my first dose of new anxiety med, I am so grateful that getting to the gym was not the usual, “Okay. Get the clothes on. Okay. Drive to the gym. Okay. Get out of the car. Okay, see, we’re here, just get on a treadmill for a little bit…” routine that is my way of talking Bad Brain into working out.

This morning? I just went and was happy to go. Wild, the contrast.

I’m still up four pounds. But. I was able to open my fitness tracker and log calories for the first time since January. Finding food today wasn’t a chore and didn’t taste like cardboard. I haven’t felt overwhelmed even once today.

Today has been the first unequivocally good day I’ve had in weeks. I could cry from both relief and gratitude.

* * *

In other news, it’s two days till the Magician closes! If you want a print, now’s your only chance! Not kidding! Check it out! Get the word out! WOO.

Wasteland Waif

Wasteland Waif

Another of the Badlands Savages. Ah, bella. Acrobat too.

* * *

Brain is poisonous. Ruminating on my very early childhood and pain and that’s no good. I don’t entirely know what to do with myself.

Gigs are very thin on the ground or I’m not looking in the right corner of the world. I am ridiculously good to employ, so it’s not that.

If I could do anything today, I would drive into the desert. Sometimes you need to dry out under the arid sky and let everything that hurts blow away in the bitter hot wind.



I gave her my card. She’s leaning up against war rig #2 and even if I don’t use this one for the Magician, I am definitely hoping to use both of them in one of the other cards. She was nearly six feet tall. QUEEN.

* * *

Memorial Day.

I sat outside with Colette and yelled at her for going all predator on the squirrels and birds. Her prey drive is insane. Pain in the ass dog.

Line edit on Strange Weather continues. Man, I’ve clearly leveled up as a writer.

In other news, I am angry with the world, which points to the irritability/anger version of my clinical depression. Not so much being in the hole as wanting to set the hole on fire while I sit in it. I don’t recommend it. But saying it out loud seems to help. So. Another rest day. Tomorrow should be better. *knocks wood*

* * *

You know the drill. Tell everyone! 🙂

Wasteland Knight

Wasteland Knight

I was not able to catch up with this gentleman to give him my card. I haz a sad. But I did get a great shot of him.

* * *

Memorial Day weekend continues. I am not getting dressed today.

Today, I am going to rest, and do nothing, and only work on things I want to work on. Maybe do some laundry. Maybe.

Hope your day is just as wonderfully lazy.

* * *

T-minus six days and counting!

Frisk Me

Frisk Me

That’s what she had written on her thighs, one word on each thigh.

I would have loved to…

* * *

Today is a rest day. Yesterday was spent running around and I am made of tired and tomorrow is Memorial Day BBQ, which I will need lots of spoons for. So. Rest.

I’ve started compiling my second Hour of Bounce for Radio ANJI. Successfully broadcast last night at 9PM PST, and it should repeat for the next four days at the same time if you want to catch the hour and sixteen minutes of groove. It actually kept me up past my bedtime, because I was so happy with how it sounded and flowed. I still need to record an extro bounce. I have zero ideas for a jingle, but I’m thinking about it. Garage Band will hopefully help me out there.

It’s funny, but I always wanted to run a pirate radio station. It took the internet to make that happen.

It’s also giving me all sorts of ideas for short music films. So I continue to upload music for all four of my listeners, not counting myself.

In other news, things remain challenging and frustrating and I am not a happy camper, but I don’t appear to be in the hole today, so YAY.

I do what I can with I have and pray.

Husband is ill too. Please send good vibes and healing thoughts.

* * *

And in other news, after too long and all the edits, the advance reader copy of The Apocalypse Bell will be going out soon. If you don’t get the Ursa Major Books DRCs and want to, drop me a note at angela at and I’ll add you to the list. Cover painting is coming along too.

* * *

Nine days and counting as of noon today! Please get the word out!

Marilyn in the Waste


I adored that she looked like Marilyn Monroe trapped in a post-apocalyptic movie, but…STILL HAD RED LIPSTICK.

Yes, like cockroaches, MAC Viva Glam will survive the apocalypse. I just know it.

* * *

Had another interview this morning and have sent out more CVs to interested parties. The work continues.

* * *

The Fool’s staff is DONE. Done, done, done. Pictures will be following later. It looks wicked awesome. I am thrilled with how it came out.

Now to just get the tunic made as soon as the fabric arrives and then… Tiny fiddley bits and WE SHOOT.

So. Close.